ARE, Site Planning and Design

Day 6 of Studying

I started my day early again, just like yesterday.  Sitting at Starbucks by 9:30 am this Sunday and jumped right in with taking another online exam.  (Finding it hard to attend church and study if I want to make any dent in my study material and still spend time with my family some point in the day.  I’m still working on time management with my studying.)  This time it was the Kaplan (Brightwood) online supplemental exam and I got 31/50 or roughly 62%.  So I have some problems I need to go back and study.  I found that I was guessing on quite a few questions or making some educated guesses no less.  Which actually is what happens when you take the actual exam.  NCARB wants to see you make judgement calls with the information you have on the subject to see what kinds of decisions you would make.

I am studying the following resources:

Kaplan (Brightwood)

Architect exam prep

Lora Teagarden’s ARE Sketches

And Kent Ballast books from

I am cross referencing all of these books and seeing what each says on the same subject, taking notes on each and building my knowledge while referencing all of them at the same time.  I feel like I am getting a more comprehensive understanding this way as opposed to if I was to read them all separately.  This way the subjects I am studying from each resource are studied in context…this helps me to comprehend the concepts and ideas.

I am missing a night out with my girlfriends to study today/tonight.  But as they say, sacrifices need to be made while studying, in order to pass the exams, studying has to come first.  So tonight is the start of my sacrifices. Sucks but it is what it is.

OK back to studying. 37 days till my exam and 398 days till I plan to be licensed.

The fact that my exam is in just over 5 weeks keeps me going and motivated as I want to make sure I am totally prepared by the time I get to the testing center.