Hi, I’m Dena.. and Welcome!

AREchitecture is intended to track my study progress and keep me accountable throughout my studying process. I am a project manager working in the corporate world and I am really working within a subset of architecture, accessibility.  I love what I do!

It is my goal to have my license by the summer of next year.  So far I have passed all exams but because I missed the 5 year rolling clock by a couple of months I had to start all over.  I have started and stopped studying a few times through the years so I am writing this blog so that I remain accountable to myself through this process.  I also believe that when I get discouraged I can look back on my posts and see my journey and hope that this helps me to look forward to how far I have come and not see it as how far I have to go.

The exams I have ahead of me will are in the sidebar in the “Exam Line-Up”

I am currently studying for SPD and plan to take this exam in the next 6 weeks.

Thanks for reading and stopping by!