ARE, Site Planning and Design

Day 5 – 38 days till I take my SPD Exam.

399 Days till I plan to be a Licensed Architect.

I am starting to get into the groove.  Here I am on a saturday when I have the kids and my husband is home that I break away and come to Starbucks and study…EARLY, no doubt!  Even though I would rather be at home.

I have found that I am much more successful about studying when I leave the house and have very few distractions. I am not tempted to address questions from the kids, to do the dishes or the laundry or randomly start cleaning bathrooms as a way of procrastinating on studying.  (trust me I have done this!)  I find that leaving the house and isolating myself is about the only way I can motivate myself and remove mostly all distractions.

I got to Starbucks this morning a little before 10 am and will plan to study until about 2:45.  That’s 4 hours and 45 minutes of studying under my belt for Saturday, not bad at all.

So I took a practice exam this morning and I got 42 out of 61 correct.  So that is 68%.  Not bad… I know that is still not passing but that is pretty good when you are studying.  I have gone in to take an exam and passed it, but failed the practice exam the day before.  So that being said… I don’t feel bad about my score.

Area’s that I apparently need to work on are:

Soils and Foundations

Stormwater / run-off coefficients

Parking slopes/Streets Drainage

site analysis


Types of streets


sun orientation

…and a few other things.

So at least I know what I need to review.  🙂

Once I leave here I can go play with “My Boys”  Cole, Landon, Nicholas and Brandt!  We are going bowling, one of our favorite past times in the summertime!  🙂




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